How difficult is Javelin to use? Can anyone do it?
Javelin was specifically created for non-programmers (good old-fashioned regular people), so it was designed to be easy to use and understand. Most users can learn the system and make their own basic program in about 20 minutes. Download it from our website and see for yourself!

Can Javelin Mobility be used to create multiple programs?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of individual programs that can be created and saved. However, only 9 applications can be active at any one time.

How many characters can be scanned or entered into each field?
Field length is currently limited to 40 characters for data entry.

Does Javelin Mobility support wireless and batch mobile communications?
Yes. In Batch Mode, the mobile client application stores data on the handheld so that data can be uploaded to PC host through a USB or Serial connection. In Real-time Mode, the mobile terminal updates the host in real-time via Wi-fi or Cellular connection. For applications where users are either off-site or out of signal coverage, Javelin also supports a Part-time Mode to store data on device and then forward on to the host at a later time.

Can items entered into Javelin Mobility be validated or checked against a database?
Yes. With Single file validation, Javelin can be configured so that each field entry can be checked against an existing database. With Combination validation, multiple fields can combined and validated together for even greater accuracy. For more advanced users, data can even be pulled directly from an ODBC database.

How is Javelin licensed?
Javelin Mobility is licensed per PC that the PC application is installed on. Full versions and Runtime version are available.

Can multiple users of a PC workstation use the same license key?
Yes, however, the license key will have to be entered once by the user upon their first use of Javelin.

How many handheld licenses come with a Javelin Mobility license?
Javelin Mobility allows an UNLIMITED number of mobile terminal licenses to be created and used. However, only one handheld can communicate with the PC host at any one time. For multiple handhelds to communicate at the same time, Javelin Communications Manager must be used.

What is Javelin CM (Communications Manager)?
Javelin CM is a software tool that allows multiple mobile terminals to communicate with the PC host simultaneously. Javelin CM manages communications via cradles, Wi-fi, WWAN (cellular), and dial-up modems. The base package comes with a 5-user license so that 5 handhelds can communicate at the same time. Addition user licenses can be added.

Can data gathered by Javelin Mobility be used by other programs?
Yes. Javelin allows data export in both .txt and .csv file configurations. Exporting can be done manually, or it can be set up to execute automatically when mobile client data is uploaded to host.

I am ready to buy. Where can I purchase a license of Javelin Mobility?
Javelin Mobility is sold exclusively through network of authorized resellers. Please contact your value-added reseller or use our “Where to buy” form to be directed to your closest authorized reseller.

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